What could be more comfortable than this? Fleece overalls are a revolution in human comfort. Wearing them, you feel freer than ever before. There are no limits to your activity and movements. You finally feel at one with yourself – warm and homely and happy. And all around you, everything becomes friendlier and more joyful. Quality fleece fabric, carefully sewn by the hands of an expert, will offer you so much space around you that you really will have somewhere to put your energy or peace. And go ahead – wear your fleece overalls when you’re out and about in public, because, believe it or not, soon even ministers will sit down at meetings (if they’re not already doing so) in their offices wearing fleece “teddy bears”. That’s how comfortable they are!


FLISI overalls for women, men, teenagers and kids

FLISI... and a different feeling
at home!

Want to really relax, feel free and creative at home? The best solution is to wear FLISI overalls. This is clothing which will alter your perception of the world by providing comfort for your body and freedom of spirit, as well as infusing relationships with good-natured fun. Adults will feel comfortable, teenagers – independent and stylish, and tiny tots free to enjoy themselves doing their own thing. Fleece and velour overalls will make your life warmer, calmer and more attractive in both winter and summer. Just like wool, fleece fabric is soft, warm, durable, air permeable, doesn’t accumulate moisture, is non-abrasive, fast drying, easy to care for and clean and does not cause allergies. And if that were not enough, you can choose from a multitude of FLISI overall color tones and patterns!


FLISI... and move freely!


There’s plenty of evidence to prove that hunting is more successful and the catches bigger if the hunter or fisherman is wearing a FLISI overall and/or jacket. Because when the “moment of truth” arrives, everything depends on the freedom of movement and sense of comfort provided by your clothing. If you’re wearing a FLISI overall, it won’t let you down! You can spend days waiting for your trophy in all weathers, wearing a nice, warm fleece overall with all the pockets you need, on top of your thermal underwear.

In turn, comfortable FLISI jackets, half pants and shorts for teenagers and kids will give them plenty of room to burn up excess energy during active pursuits. And these items are just as useful for adults.


FLISI... and horse riders!


Just in case you were unaware – the horses love stylish things. Horses love to demonstrate themselves and their riders. Therefore, don’t insult your horse – when horse riding, put on a stylish fleece equestrian jacket offered by FLISI. The jacket will sit perfectly on you, help to drive your horse and make you look stately and aristocratic. You will be comfortable and the horse will be proud, too. But for your horse you must procure a fleece horse blanket that will make the horse’s life more comfortable and protected. It would be good to display your family coat-of-arms and other ornate embroidery on the horse blanket. It will lift the horse's self-confidence and sense of belonging. Take your horse for a walk in a FLISI jumpsuit – the horse will perceive you as a whole, as strong as he is, just ... always standing on your hind legs.