What could be more comfortable than this? Fleece overalls are a revolution in human comfort. Wearing them, you feel freer than ever before. There are no limits to your activity and movements. You finally feel at one with yourself – warm and homely and happy. And all around you, everything becomes friendlier and more joyful. Quality fleece fabric, carefully sewn by the hands of an expert, will offer you so much space around you that you really will have somewhere to put your energy or peace. And go ahead – wear your fleece overalls when you’re out and about in public, because, believe it or not, soon even ministers will sit down at meetings (if they’re not already doing so) in their offices wearing fleece “teddy bears”. That’s how comfortable they are!







Search for perfect plaid?


Latvian-produced fleece blankets is just what you are looking for. It is a  hand made by master  in conjunction with a high quality fleece material. Fliss plaid is light, thick and soft, very pleasant and gentle. The material is simple and easy maintenance, it will not lose shape and color after washing, it will not crease. Fleece does not absorb moisture, and does not cause allergic reactions.




100% polyester microfleece 400 g/m2 - ultra soft material, thick. The material is easy to care for and clean, doesn’t crumple and retains the brightness of its color.

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PRICE: 18,95 EUR

Izmērs: 1,60m x 1,60m



Cena: 20,95EUR

Izmērs 1,80m x 1,60m




Izmers: 2,00m x 1,60m




We accept individual orders from companies with opportunity to chose blanket size and make embroidery

with logo or personalized text on the blanket.

For large orders we will offer friendly prices.

To make order, please contact us to or phone +371 20266273