What could be more comfortable than this? Fleece overalls are a revolution in human comfort. Wearing them, you feel freer than ever before. There are no limits to your activity and movements. You finally feel at one with yourself – warm and homely and happy. And all around you, everything becomes friendlier and more joyful. Quality fleece fabric, carefully sewn by the hands of an expert, will offer you so much space around you that you really will have somewhere to put your energy or peace. And go ahead – wear your fleece overalls when you’re out and about in public, because, believe it or not, soon even ministers will sit down at meetings (if they’re not already doing so) in their offices wearing fleece “teddy bears”. That’s how comfortable they are!




Our idea


SIA “FLISI” is a new clothing manufacturer from Latvia. We launched our family company in 2011. Since we’re family-orientated, active and sporting folks; our business idea arose quite simply – we wanted to offer ourselves and others universal clothes to be worn at home and during active leisure which are free and comfortable, as well as warm in winter and sufficiently cool in summer. This clothing turned out to be a freely sewn overall.

The idea comes from Scandinavia where feeling stylish and comfortable in cold weather is very important to people. After a time, we could no longer imagine our daily lives without these magical overalls.

This is a completely new philosophy about the way people feel in global terms – offering a special feeling of body and spirit. Subsequently, we understood that this is a case of people not simply wearing clothes, but of clothes actually shaping (“wearing”) people, defining their relations with other people and creating a new sense of the world. It’s clothing for people’s spiritual ecology.

Globally, this ever so slightly quaint and non-traditional item of clothing which embodies good-nature fun, as well as being fantastically comfortable, is currently embarking on a victory march, particularly in Scandinavian countries, Germany, the U.S., Canada and Asia. As we all know, there are pastors who wear overalls, businessmen in overalls, as well as doctors and even brides and bridegrooms, not to mention the great clan of hunters and fishermen.

In our brand slogan, in our opinion, we say what counts, “Clothing for freedom and fun”. This defines the rational benefit of our current and planned collections of clothing for users: “May your body and spirit feel comfortable!” and the emotional benefit: “May your sense of life be independent and stylish!”

There are words that describe the “force field” in which we think about clothing, sew and design it, and they are - practical, comfortable, stylish, funny, humorous, lively, strange, free, eye-catching, unusual, experimental, unique, different, independent, creative and tasteful.

The future belongs to FLISI clothing – join us!


Why do we like fleece as a material?


Our FLISI products epitomize quality, combining outstanding handiwork with the very best fleece. We must tell you a bit more about this wonderful material – fleece.


Fleece (paradoxically, the English definition of fleece means ‘sheep wool’ or ‘sheep skin’) is an industrially knitted fabric which like wool is a very warm and durable material that is great at retaining body heat. Fleece was invented as recently as in 1979 by the American textile company “Malden Mills”, and it contains no natural wool whatsoever, because no natural material individually possesses all the terrific qualities of fleece. Among other things, the inventors of fleece received a Nobel Prize for their invention of this material.


Originally, fleece was intended for extreme sports and leisure clothing, special uniforms, army camouflage uniforms, hunters’ and fishermen’s apparel, but nowadays it’s become very popular as a raw material for use in everyday clothing.


It can take a long time to list all the pluses attributable to items made from fleece. Here are a few of them:

– light and soft;
– pleasant to touch;
– breathable;
– elastic;
– retains heat effectively;
– doesn’t absorb moisture;
– fast drying;
– wears well;
– doesn’t cause allergies;
– keeps you warm even when damp;
– easy to care for and clean;
– retains its form after washing;
– extra thick fleece is suitable as surface clothing in freezing temperatures of up to –25 ºC!


Moreover, FLISI overalls are available in various bright colors and patterns. Our offering includes women’s, men’s and kids’ overalls and jackets.


But there’s something else that amounts to more than just these attributes – the emotional feelings that are hard to describe in words which you experience when wearing our fleece overalls and jackets – feelings of safety, comfort and the joy of freedom.


That’s why we love fleece and clothes made from it and believe that you’ll love them too.