What could be more comfortable than this? Fleece overalls are a revolution in human comfort. Wearing them, you feel freer than ever before. There are no limits to your activity and movements. You finally feel at one with yourself – warm and homely and happy. And all around you, everything becomes friendlier and more joyful. Quality fleece fabric, carefully sewn by the hands of an expert, will offer you so much space around you that you really will have somewhere to put your energy or peace. And go ahead – wear your fleece overalls when you’re out and about in public, because, believe it or not, soon even ministers will sit down at meetings (if they’re not already doing so) in their offices wearing fleece “teddy bears”. That’s how comfortable they are!


FLISI for riders and horses


Fleece jackets for riders


These are warm, extra soft fleece jackets for riders that hug the body in the most comfy way. Their fleece material ensures an optimal microclimate for the body and prevents the rider from getting too cold or hot.
Fleece jackets for riders:
– hug the body;
– ensure optimal body temperature for the rider;
– have an extended back lining;
– have extra high neck lining;
– have zipped lining;
– are made from a material that doesn’t cause allergies;
– are fast drying.
The jackets are made from 100% polyester microfleece Polar Everest 400 g/m².
If you wish, we can sew your individual logo onto the jacket. Another element of the package is a warm and comfy hat to go with the jacket.



Fleece horse blankets


As you know, a horse blanket or “animal’s coat” protects horses from various unfavorable weather conditions and prevents them from getting too hot or cold.


Fleece’s unique properties are ideally suited to these tasks. It’s light and soft, breathable, elastic, retains heat effectively, absorbs excess moisture and duly releases it through the surface of the blanket. It’s also fast drying, easy to care for and clean, and keeps its form after washing.


FLISI fleece horse blankets come in various colors and designs.


We recommend choosing between the elegant tones of Royal Brown, Royal Black, Royal Grey and Royal Bordo. Believe us – your horse will look regal.


Subject to your requirements, we can sew your logo, your club’s logo or other information onto the overall.


FLISI also produces elegant horse blankets intended for competition winners. During 2012, these blankets were sewn for the winners of several important riding competitions.