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A few things you need to know in order to buy products made by FLISI

Shopping, payment procedure and order fulfillment


1. After you’ve chosen the products (goods) you want to buy and sent by e-mail all the information about these products (type, size, color) will be prepared prepayment invoice and sent to your e-mail.

2. You should pay the pre-payment invoice (specifying the invoice no.) within 5 (five) business days. If we haven’t received confirmation from our bank within five business days about payment of the pre-payment invoice, your order will be cancelled.

3. After the pre-payment invoice has been paid and the relevant monies have been deposited into the SIA “FLISI” bank account, preparation of your order will begin.

4. The order will be prepared within 6 (six) business days.

5. In the case of urgent orders, you need to contact us by phone using the specified contact phone number and agree on options for fulfillment of the order.

– All prices shown incl. 21% VAT.

– Prices are valid only on the specific date in question. SIA “FLISI” retains the right to change prices without prior warning.

– If, in making an order, you have any questions or queries – please contact our customer service by calling: +371 20266273 or sending an e-mail to: .

– If the monies for your purchased product are being transferred from another account (i.e. that of a relative or friend), please make sure to identify the intended recipient’s surname and invoice number in the payment transfer purpose description so that we can identify the specific order for which this has been deposited.


1. Postal delivery of ordered goods.

2. After the order has been prepared, the consignment will be delivered to the post office and sent to buyer to the address specified in the purchase preparation form.

3. Product delivery costs will be automatically included in the order pre-payment invoice depending on the delivery’s destination country.

4. Postal delivery service price is set for one order regardless of the number of units ordered.

5. Product delivery service prices:
   Delivery country/region     Order delivery price + VAT
   LATVIA    EUR 3

6. If anything is unclear, we will get in touch with you.

Usage, product exchange and product return regulations


• Shopping at www.flisi.lv is regulated by LR Cabinet Regulation Nr. 207 of 28 May 2002 “Regulations Regarding Distance Agreements”.

• The buyer is entitled to return a product bought from www.flisi.lv within 14 days of receiving the order, if it does not conform to the order in question or is damaged (in such an instance, please inform us without delay by calling: +371 20266273 or by sending an e-mail to: ).

• We will exchange a product for a new or return the money you have paid for the product.

• We will only accept the return of a product if it has not been used, washed or otherwise changed its appearance since the time of its consignment (Section 12 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law).

• Product return costs shall be covered by the buyer.

Withdrawal rights

• Section 12 of the Republic of Latvia’s Consumer Rights Protection Law (CRPL) and Cabinet Regulation No.207 “Regulations Regarding Distance Agreements” stipulate that customers are entitled to withdraw from an agreement within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of receiving an order and to return a product to its vendor.

• Under CRPL Section 12, Paragraph six, consumers are liable for preserving the quality and safety of product within the term in which they are entitled to utilize their withdrawal rights.

• The product must be returned by post together with a completed product return form (it will be attached to the order). Costs related to the return of a product shall be covered by the buyer. Pursuant to CRPL Section 12, Paragraphs four and five, it is the consumer’s under to cover costs related to the return of a product.

• Money for a returned good will be deposited into your bank account within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the time the product is received.

• Product return address by post – SIA “FLISI”, “Vasari┼ćas”, Valgunde Parish, Jelgava District, Latvia, LV-3017.

Product exchange


• If any of the product you’ve ordered doesn’t fit, you can exchange it for another size if required, or alternatively for another model.

• In this case, you should specify the model, color and size of the product that you want to receive on the product return form.

• Before exchanging a product, please inform us by calling: +371 20266273 or by sending an e-mail to: , specifying which product you wish to exchange so that we can reserve the product in question.

• Product exchange consignment costs shall be covered by the Buyer.


Important information


• Product color tones may differ from the samples on view on our homepage.

• Likewise, the photo may contain elements which are not included in the product package.

• Product descriptions are of an informative nature

• Specified product parameters or packages may be subject to changes or modifications made by the manufacturer.


You can receive more information about consumer rights by visiting the homepage of the Consumer Rights Protection Center: http://www.ptac.gov.lv



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For legal entities


In order to make an order, legal entities should contact SIA “FLISI” individually by calling: +371 20266273 or by e-mail writing to:

Wholesale production manufacturing and personalization is possible by individual order (company, club, association, etc.).